Beauty in the Everyday

EL Design is a community of everyday people. We enjoy a hard day’s work. We’re over the moon when a big job ends in high-fives. We thrive on good ideas. We wear our hearts on our sleeve. And we’re united by a common thread: unique lighting for your life. Great, well-placed lighting is the backdrop of our collaboration and the impetus behind our creations. Lighting illuminates the simple beauty of everyday moments. Lighting is a reminder to be present, even in the ordinary.

Our Mission

Making a Difference in Your Life

Our mission is to bring to life the emotions you want your home or business to inspire. Our designers work with carefully curated products to help create a space you will love to walk into day after day. After all, your common space should be anything but commonplace.

About El Design
El Design

Long Story Short

After a lighting trade show in 2022, a group of industry colleagues gathered for dinner. Tired of seeing customers base their decisions exclusively on photographs and pricing, an idea was born: Open a lighting and home décor showroom to display a curated selection of their favorite pieces. Why? Because seeing the light makes all the difference. The team dreamed on and even sketched out what the showroom would look like: multiple floors in a prime location off the expressway, plenty of outdoor space with water features… and in 2024, EL Design’s eclectic family of collaborators built a space exactly as they imagined it that evening at dinner. If only they kept the napkin to prove it.

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